Essential Balance: Massage and Wellness.

Services and Rates

Investing in massage is an investment in your health.

Below are the massage therapy rates effective January 1, 2019Please note: I am currently only accepting new female massage/essential oil protocol clients at this time; new male clients are welcome to schedule for other services as needed. Please contact me for more information.

***Enjoy complimentary aromatherapy with each session!***     


Service Rate
30 Min Swedish Massage $40
60 Min Swedish Massage $65
90 Min Swedish Massage $90
30 Min Swedish/Deep Tissue Combo $50
60 Min Swedish/Deep Tissue Combo $80
90 Min Swedish/Deep Tissue Combo $100
30 Min Massage Cupping Therapy $50
60 Min Massage Cupping Therapy $75
30 Min Reiki $35
50 Min Reiki $55
30 Min Crystal Infusion Therapy $35
60 Min Crystal Infusion Therapy $65
30 Min Symphony of the Cells Spinal Technique $35
30 Min AromaTouch with Hot Stones $35
30 Min Emotion Code $45
120 Min 2 Hour Power Bundle $135
30 Min Essential Oil Consult with iTOVi Scan $0

Swedish Massage: Massage oil or cream is used with smooth, gliding strokes. Swedish massage uses firm but gentle pressure to promote relaxation, ease muscle tension and create other health benefits. It is a classic massage that will ease your stress and allow you to slip into a calm state of relaxation.

Swedish/Deep Tissue Massage Combo: Designed to remove severe tension, deep tissue massage is a technique used to relieve both muscles and connective tissue below the surface. It helps to improve range of motion and heal injuries below the surface. 

Reiki: Reiki is an energy healing method that can best be compared to the laying on of hands. In this method, the practitioner acts as a conduit of Source energy, receiving and transferring it to the client for their highest good at that time. The high frequency vibratory sound and light energies help activate a person's innate healing resources to help support improvement on all levels: mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.          

Crystal Infusion Therapy: Crystal healing is a holistic, non-invasive, vibrational energy-based system of healing. That is, it treats the whole person and their integrated energy system. The technique uses precisely placed crystals either on and/or around the physical body. Crystals absorb, focus, direct, detoxify, shift and diffuse energy as they interact with the electromagnetic forces and subtle vibrations within the body. It is therapeutic and deeply relaxing! **Includes a gift-bag specifically tailored to your needs!          

Massage Cupping Therapy: Massage Cupping is a modern adaptation of the ancient art of cupping therapy. While massage performed by applying pressure, cupping instead uses negative pressure to pull, lift, open and expand the body’s soft tissues.          

Symphony of the Cells Spinal Technique: The Symphony of the Cells™ essential oil spinal technique was created as a method of helping people understand that the body needs to be balanced physically, emotionally and spiritually. You will come to learn the origins of illnesses, the systems of the body and how they relate, and the power of essential oils and other natural nutrients that will support your journey to wellness. Each protocol is catered to the unique individual, making for a unique, yet powerful, experience

AromaTouch with Hot Stones: The AromaTouch Technique gives people a unique experience with essential oils and helps them maintain all overall wellness. This technique has multiple benefits from the eight specific oils used in combination with human touch. It is great for stress reduction, immune support, inflammatory response reduction, and overall balance within the body. 15 minutes of hot stone relaxation therapy seals in the experience!     

The Emotion Code: The Emotion Code is an energy healing technique that helps us to identify and release trapped emotions (harmful emotional energies from the past). These emotions can cause depression, anxiety, disconnection from others, etc. Prolonged exposure can have a negative effect on the physical body. Releasing these trapped emotions makes the conditions right for the body to heal, so physical and emotional difficulties often disappear or become much more manageable.                                                        

2 Hour Power Bundle: Sometimes an hour and a half isn't enough. Why not try two?! Combine several modalities to enhance your relaxation experience! Choose from the following: Swedish Massage (60 or 90 min), Swedish/Deep Tissue Massage (60 or 90 min), Reiki (30 or 50 min), AromaTouch (30 min), Symphony of the Cells Spinal Technique (30 min), Cupping Therapy (30 or 60 min), Emotion Code (30 min), Crystal Healing (30 or 60min). ***Please note: The maximum time limit for massage is 90 min.          

Essential Oil Wellness Consult with iTOVi Scan: Discover how to best support your body with Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (CPTG) essential oils. Each consult is 30 minutes long and we discuss the basics of essential oils, your options in the marketplace, what makes doTERRA different, and the products you scanned for with the personalized iTOVi scanner.          

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